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There are dozens, if not hundreds of website that bay free SMS service; through which you can send free SMS to any mobile network in Pakistan or even world over. However, when you unfold tens of webpages, you will find that these free SMS services are not really free.

Now You can also send FREE SMS to any Network in Pakistan from ProPakistani.com website too. Click http://www.propakistani.com/send-free-sms/ to send Free SMS to Any network in Pakistan from Web.

Please note that you can send limit of 3 SMS per day from one IP through this service.

These websites normally use cellular companies’ web applets embedded into their websites, from where you can send SMS messages. However, the receiver’s respondly is mandatory before your message is delivered to him/her

Though we have so many bundle offers from cellular companies that offer free or almost free text messages, but still many people find it acceptable to send SMS from web, which are free as well. I just came across this website, called
as club4sms. This portal offers a free service to send or even collect SMS through web to any network in Pakistan and all over the world.

Below is the excerpt from Club4SMS Website

Club4SMS is a free service provided in good faith. This site may only be used by original Internet users using a grade unmodified web browser. No automated process may be employed to send messages.

Using any app or scripting that prevents this is strictly forbidden. Records are stored of every message and its origination, and if automated sending is discovered, the responsible parties will be invoiced for the sending of every individual message at a price of 1.50 USD per message with more administration costs. Failure to pay these charges will result in legal action.

Use of the Club4SMS Service to send abusive messages can be traced to the originator upon question from the police officer and they will be liable for prosecution under the 1988 Malicious Communications Act. Club4SMS.Com is not responsible for content of messages sent by users of the service. Club4SMS.Com will co-operate with official inquiries into misuse of the service.

You can download free SMS messenger as well, which is integrated with Club4SMS server, hence you will be asked for username/password to send FREE SMS from SMS messenger.Screenshot of Club4SMS

Club4SMS also offers API configuration Use their SMS Services in to your own applications.

When tested, all messages that are delivered use constant cellular numbers. Apparently, SMS bundle packages are being used in an automated route.

If used positively, a very useful website. Give it an attempt, and leave your comments below regarding your experience at Club4SMS


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