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Gmail Does Not Recognise Dots in Email Address

I have been using Gmail since May 2004. During these almost four years, I didn’t know a very absorbing feature of Gmail. I just thought to share with those who may find it brand-new addition to their knowledge.

Gmail Inbox Email

I sent an email on, and surprisingly, the email landed in inbox, while my email address is! The mail read “Yes This is you”

Google Mail or Gmail allows only one registration for any given username with all capitalization or dot variations, thus all future registrations are made unavailable for any dot variants.

In uncomplicated words, if you have registered for an user name, no one can enlist or

Gmail’s aid centre says that Google Mail does not recognize dots as characters with-in usernames, hence adding or removing dots for Gmail address is not going to impact on the destination address; which means, messages sent to and will approach


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