PTA to Upgrade ‘Service Monitoring System’

Pakistan Telecommunication dominance (PTA) will enhance its system to monitor grade of emerging, cutting edge telephony and Internet services.

Emerging Internet technology broadband Wimax and expected upcoming telephony technology such as Third and Fourth aeon (3G and 4G) demand highly sophisticated monitoring system in the future.

The CDMA IS-95/CDMA 2000 will be utilised as technology by wireless operators. Hence, the dominance intends to bring advancements in its service grade mechanism.

Currently, the regulator monitors 2-2.5 GSM Cellular Service and landline services with its system including voice and data traffic.

Service grade monitoring is PTA’s orderly activity aimed to ensure grade service of telephony and Internet services throughout the country. The dominance’s state-of-the-art system monitors service grade as per its entire set standards and detect the stage of the service separately in fourteens region of the country one by one. The present system makes calls and SMS in dissimilar areas and rated the service grade of the operator.

Via Daily Times


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