Epic Games surprises players on New Year’s Eve

cheerful brand-new year!

The folks over at saga Games have a unique treat in store for players hopping on Fortnite today. In celebration of brand-new year’s Eve all around the world, Fortnite is having an in-game live event where a massive, dropping disco ball descends on the map each hour, on the hour.

The virtual ball drop has the same affect on players as a boogie bomb, meaning that everyone playing Fortnite is collectively dancing each moment the minutes on your clock read :00.

Obviously, the clock has already struck midnight and 2019 has officially begun in many parts of the world, but the in-game ball drop threw some players off guard.

Nick Chester, saga’s PR spokesperson, tweeted this in response:

2018 was a large year for Fortnite. Even beyond the turning of a brand-new year, saga Games has good reason to celebrate.


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