No Man’s Sky has a big new update due out this summer

After a conspicuous stretch of silence ending with a strange teaser tweet on Thursday, No Man’s atmosphere creator Sean Murray revealed that another major free update is on the route. The brand-new content, which is the first since last year’s Visions update, will knocked
the massive space exploration game this summer.

The bundle of brand-new content, named
No Man’s atmosphere “Beyond,” will tie together three dissimilar updates, though Murray is only giving up the details of one so far. The one we know about is something that Murray is calling “No Man’s atmosphere Online” which “includes a radical brand-new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together” and weaves together three standalone updates into “a vision for something much more impactful.”

The short preview video doesn’t reveal much, but it shows a ship we haven’t seen before in what looks like either a reimagined space station (that would be nice!) or some kind of brand brand-new multiplayer hub venue.

Murray emphasized that the multiplayer update wouldn’t add things from other major multiplayer games like microtransactions or subscriptions and that he has no intention of turning No Man’s atmosphere into a mmo. (Still, if a lot of people are playing online together in a massive world, isn’t it uh, kind of a mmo?) The blog post noted that the group would release more details on the other two large pieces of brand-new content in the coming weeks.

“These changes are a reply to how we have seen people playing since the release of NEXT, and is something we’ve dreamed of for a long moment,” Murray added.

After a very rough launch and its accompanying critical lambasting in 2016, No Man’s atmosphere’s group has consistently added large free content updates to the game. That dedication to construction out the world the development group initially promised has brought “millions” of brand-new players into the fold and inspired a thriving online and in-game community.

That community will be gleeful to hear that according to his latest blog post, Murray doesn’t intend to walk away from the game any moment soon.


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