Video Piracy Made Easy with iRecord

With Streaming Networks’ brand-new iRecord, your computer is now obsolete. At least as a route to get audio or video from the media you own onto your iPod, PSP or other MPEG-4-playing gagdet, anyway. It’s a tiny video catch/encoding gagdet with analog TV and Audio inputs and an usb output.

The iRecord captures and encodes using H.264/ACC for video, MP3 for audio, and is about twice the size of an ipod. The cool part is that it has no internal storage of its own; with your playback gagdet plugged in, it records directly to the gagdet’s solid steer (or Flash memory or whatever), so you can play it back immediately.

That, friends, is beautiful cool. It will also record to any USB mass-storage gagdet you gleefully connect to its USB port, so you could even use it as a poor-man’s DVR, though with the $200 price tag, the poor man isn’t getting one anytime soon.

iRecord [Product site, via iLounge]


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