StudentFreelance Pulls Students Away From Boring Studying And Drinking, Sticks Them Into The Real World

It’s been a long moment since I was a student – back then we still carried “books” to school and would often enter computer “clusters” where we would do “homework” on “PCs” running “Windows NT” – but I do remember the rush of being trusted with real-world projects by folks who looked at me as a cheap way to get a tiny work done. That’s what is all about: it lets companies hire students to do work without the rigamarole of Craigslist or a traditional HR way.

Students are the world’s untapped resource. They’re often easy-going, diligent, and they’re excited to learn. Plus they’re inexpensive and mostly responsible. StudentFreelance founder, Michael Talei, see himself as “helping fix America’s unemployment problem.”

“Students graduating today have never been faced with a tougher job mart, with students can attain experience and attain an income,” he said. “Businesses love us because they can scale their workforce and hire standard talent.”

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It’s basically a job board – students submit your skills (and school) and employers post jobs. The supernatural happens when the two meet.

Jobs are obviously paid on a freelance basis and since most students don’t need benefits there isn’t much overhead. StudentFreelance is simply the broker between the student and the employer. It’s free to post jobs and resumes right now, although there are plans to monetize on both ends of the transaction, Talei said.

The company has raised a $300,000 friends-and-family circular. They’re currently serving a few thousand jobs and students after only a month online.

The site has a distinctly U.S. focus, which Talei, founder of iEscrow and former News Corp VP, believes will assist it stand out. “What makes us distinctive is the standard of talent we have – our users have all studied in American schools. We’re bringing that Made in America standard to the freelance mart. Sites like Elance and oDesk will find it strenuous attracting the standard of talent that we can.”

“I’ve worked on several projects and have had to use freelancers. I came across a high school student and he did an astonishing job – hacking away much good than professionals we’d hire there and even here. I continued hiring more students (college and high school) and was continually impressed, that’s when I decided that there should be a site accurate to only student freelancers.”

Obviously the functionality here can be replicated on any other classifieds site out there. However, because of the branding and focus it’s clear that StudentFreelance may have a leg up when it comes to a very accurate form of hiring. With so many immature adults out of work after graduation, it makes magnificent sense to work on their chops on little, easy-to-manage projects in between bouts of beer pong and singing Bob Marley songs on the “quad” in hopes that “ladies” will notice them.


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