Swrve Launches Targeted In-App Messaging To Get Games Players Reaching For Their Wallets

Dublin and San Francisco-based Swrve, which offers an in-app direct marketing platform aimed at mobile games developers or anybody making or responsible for marketing an app, has launched SwrveTalk to enable in-app marketing messages to be sent to users on a targeted and measurable basis. It can be employed to do things like cross-promote other titles in a portfolio or to enhance conversion of time-limited in-app buy offers, and so on.

The problem Swrve is setting out to unravel is that in-app messages traditionally involve broadcasting in bulk to a huge team of users and therefore don’t discriminate and aren’t targeted on the basis of their likelihood to convert. This, it’s claimed, creates wasted inventory, low response rates, and “increased customer churn due to the over-promotion of irrelevant offers”. In contrast, SwrveTalk messages use behavioural and demographic targeting in a strive to ensure that only relevant messages are delivered to users, thus improving click-through rates, ROI on cross-promotional campaigns, and in-app buy conversions.

SwrveTalk enables campaigns to be defined across multiple games/apps in a portfolio, specifying when messages are shown, frequency, and exactly which player types they’ll be sent to. How this functionality might be utilised in practice, Swrve gives the instance of a player who has monetized well in the past, but is now less engaged, who could be encouraged to strive another title/app. Or for users yet to be monetized, they might be shown a time-limited in-app buy offer to encourage conversion.

messaging_report_2Of course, in-app messaging for marketing purposes isn’t anything brand-new — they are just another kind of ad format, after all. However, it’s the route SwrveTalk is integrated with the broader Swrve app analytics platform, enabling the effectiveness of in-app messaging campaigns to be measured and refined, that potentially sets the feature apart. This includes the ability to A/B try-out those marketing messages so that they can be further optimized for acceptable ROI.

In November last year, Swrve announced that it had raised $6.25m in funding, led by Atlantic Bridge Partners and Intel Capital.

It claims to be used by some of the world’s “leading app and games developers”, including major games publisher Activision.


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