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Bankin’ raises $22.6 million for its financial coach

French startup Bankin’ is raising a brand-new $22.6 million funding circular (€20 million). The company has managed to attract 2.9 million users in France and wants to become the only app you need to oversee your cash.

Overall, Bankin’ has raised more than $32 million (€28.4 million). Investors include Omnes Capital, Commerz Ventures, Génération brand-new Tech, Didier Kuhn, Simon Dawlat and Franck Lhuerre.

Bankin’ first developed an aggregator so that you could view all your bank accounts from a solo app. The company has been using a combination of APIs and scrapping to connect to nearly all French banks, 85 percent of Spanish and British banks and 65 percent of German banks.

The app automatically categorizes your transactions and sends you push notifications to alert you of important changes. There’s also a budget feature that can predict how much cash you’ll have at the end of the month.

Bankin’ went one stride further and started adding transfers from the app. If you want to ditch your bank app, you need to be able to view your balance and your transactions, but you also need to be able to send and collect cash.

And now, Bankin’ wants to become your financial coach with automated recommendations and human-powered conversations. The app was redesigned a couple of months ago to put these recommendations front and center.

For example, the app can tell you if it’s moment to renegotiate your loan, or that you should optimize your savings. The startup partners with other fintech companies, such as Yomoni, Pretto, TransferWise and Fluo, as well as online banks. This could be a captivating acquisition channel for other companies, and a good revenue opportunity for Bankin’.

Finally, Bankin’ also sells access to its API named
Bridge. For example, Sage, Milleis Banque, Cegid and RCA use Bridge so you can connect your third-party bank accounts and view them from your main bank account.

With today’s funding circular, the company plans to hire reasonably. There are now 50 people working for Bankin’ and the startup plans to hire 20 more people this year.


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