Congress readies for Mueller report to be delivered on CDs

If there weren’t enough obstacles already standing between Congress and the results of the exclusive guidance’s multiyear investigation, lawmakers are expecting to need an optical ride to read the paper-work.

a justice Department official told the Associated Press that a cd containing the Mueller report would be delivered to Congress tomorrow between 11 and noon Eastern. At some point after the CDs are delivered, the report is expected to be made available to the public on the exclusive guidance’s website.

Any Congressional offices running Macs will likely have to huddle up with colleagues who still have a cd-capable ride. Optical drives disappeared from Apple computers years ago. With people increasingly reliant on cloud storage over physical storage, they’re no longer as famous on Windows machines either.

Tomorrow’s model of the report is expected to come with a fair amount of detail redacted throughout, though a section of Congress may collect a more finish model at a later date. The report’s release on Thursday will be preceded by a press conference hosted by Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. If you request us, there’s tiny reason to tune into that event rather than waiting for substantive reporting on the actual contents of the report once it’s out in the wild. good yet, hunker down and read some of the 400 pages yourself while you wait for thoughtful analyses to materialize.

Remember: No matter what sound bites begin flying tomorrow morning, digesting a dense paper-work like this takes moment. Don’t trust anyone who claims to have synthesized the whole thing right off the bat. After all, America has waited this long for the Mueller report to materialize — letting the dirt settle won’t do any havoc.


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