Snap CEO Evan Spiegel will reappear at Disrupt SF

He invented modern social media, then had it stolen from him. So how does Evan Spiegel feel about it, and how will he turn Snapchat’s product leadership into a profitable business? We’ll bring you the answers at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, where Snap CEO Evan Spiegel will join us. Come learn how Spiegel analyzes behavior to create brand-new features, evolves from failure and keeps his brand cool.

The talk comes at a pivotal moment for Snap, just as it hopes to knocked
profitability. After 2.5 years of being ruthlessly copied while trying to maintain the moral high ground, Snapchat is finally fighting back against Mark Zuckerberg’s soldier of clones. Snapchat has a smart brand-new platform strategy that will bring its Stories and vertical video ads to other apps. The goal is to unite the private social web from Tinder to Houseparty into a rebel alliance. By colonizing the app ecosystem, Snap could revive growth and juice its revenue.

How does Spiegel devise his combat plans? What took Snap so long to reply to Facebook’s tournament? And what guidance does he have for other founders duking it out with well-funded rivals? Our talk will have plenty of tactical insights for anyone roadmapping their company’s future.

However, it’s not tournament, but missteps and stagnation that most often kill startups. From a fatal redesign to forsake of intercontinental teens, Snapchat has made plenty of unforced errors. But it’s finally proving willing to correct course. It’s been fixing its design and feature set while reengineering its automaton app for the developing world. We’ll discuss what it takes for a ceo to admit they’re wrong without destroying morale, and how to make things right even if the process takes years.

Spiegel and Snapchat have proven the longevity of owning a core tech use case like messaging. Now it faces the compete of monetizing our habits without provoking us. And if Snap can endure long enough while funding augmented reality hardware R&D, it could emerge an energy player in the next aeon of computing. We’ll question Spiegel how he balances capitalizing on today’s trends with playing the long game against giants like Apple.

It’s been a fascinating few years since we last spoke to Spiegel on the Disrupt level, and we’re excited to hear what’s next for Snap. Tickets to Disrupt, which runs October 2 to October 4 in San Francisco, are available here.

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