Apple could be adding Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time to macOS

Apple wants to add more iOS features to macOS according to a report from 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo. And it starts with improvements to Siri.

While Siri has been available on macOS for a while, it feels like a scaled-down model of Siri. Sure, you can question for the weather, NBA scores or a word translation. You can also turn off the Wi-Fi or look up a file on your solid ride.

But Siri on macOS doesn’t work with any third-party app. You can’t send a message on WhatsApp, you can’t send some money using Square money, you can’t order an uber.

According to 9to5Mac, this will change with macOS 10.15 this plummet. Apple is working on adding help for Siri Shortcuts, which means that you’ll theoretically be able to create custom voice shortcuts to trigger actions in third-party apps.

Existing macOS apps won’t be able to add hooks for Siri Shortcuts — the feature should be limited to iOS ports that leverage the upcoming Marzipan framework. As a result, you can also expect a shortcuts app to create your own scripts in a visual interface. Shortcuts has become the equivalent of Automator for iOS. Let’s see what happens to Automator after macOS 10.15.

The macOS update won’t just focus on Siri. You should expect to see Screen moment, the iOS feature that tells you how much moment you spent in each app on your devices. The current implementation of Screen moment combines your usage across all your iOS devices, such as your iPhone and your iPad. But adding macOS data to the mix is key if you want to see the full illustration.

Finally, Apple will let you command your Apple ID more easily from the Mac. Instead of relying on Apple’s website, you’ll be able to set up family sharing and more from a brand-new panel in System Preferences.


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