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Digging into key takeaways from our 2019 Robotics + AI Sessions event

additional Crunch offers members the opportunity to tune into conference calls led and moderated by the TechCrunch writers you read every day. This week, TechCrunch’s Brian Heater and Lucas Matney shared their key takeaways from our Robotics + AI Sessions event at UC Berkeley last week.

The event was filled with panels, demos and intimate discussions with key robotics and deep learning founders, executives and technologists. Brian and Lucas discuss which companies excited them most, as well as which verticals have the most thrilling growth prospects in the robotics world.

“This is the second [robotics event] in a row that was done at Berkeley where people really know the events; they honour it, they trust it and we’re able to get really, I would say far and away the top names in robotics. It was honestly a room full of all-stars.

I think our Disrupt events are definitely skewed towards investors and entrepreneurs that may be fresh off getting some seed or successions a cash so they can drop some cash on an enormous-ticket item. But here it’s cool because there are so many students. robotics founders and a lot of wide-eyed people wandering from the student union grabbing a pass and coming in. So it’s a cool distinct stage of power that I think we’re used to.

And I’ll say that this is the key route in which we’ve been able to recruit some of the really enormous people like why we keep getting Boston Dynamics back to the event, who generally are very secretive.”

Brian and Lucas plunge deeper into how several of the major robotics companies and technologies have evolved over moment, and also dig into the key patterns and best practices seen in successful robotics startups.

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