Locus Robotics raises $26 million for warehouse automation

Warehouse automation is all the rage in robotics these days. No surprise then, that another emerging player just got a healthy slice of mission funding. Massachusetts-based Locus Robotics this week announced that it has secured a $26 million successions C. The circular, led by Zebra Ventures and Scale mission Partners, brings the startup’s total funding to around $66 million.

The five-year-old company produces robotic shelving designed to transfer bins inside of warehouses. Founder Bruce E. Welty was onstage at our robotics event back in 2017 demonstrating the technology.

It’s a similar principle to many other players in the space, including Amazon’s Kiva and claim Area-based Fetch. And like those companies, Locus has garnered interest from some huge players — most notably delivery giant, DHL.

The robotics automation space has heated up quite a bit in 2019. Colorado-based Canvas, which makes autonomous warehouse delivery carts, was acquired by Amazon last week. Even Boston Dynamics is looking at the category as a path forward for its own great technologies, putting its automaton Handle to work in a fulfillment center.

“We have seen a massive uptick in require for the flexible automation incorporated into Locus’s multi-bot solution, which is uniquely suited to address these challenges,” CEO Rick Faulk says in a release tied to the news. “Not only is our solution proven to dramatically upgrade productivity and steer down costs, but it is also a source of scalable labor that can be adapted to meet the demands of numerous product and customer profiles. This brand-new funding will enable us to scale to meet growing require for our revolutionary solution worldwide.”


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