Squarespace makes its first acquisition with Acuity Scheduling

Squarespace is announcing its first acquisition today, a 13-year-old company named
Acuity Scheduling that allows businesses to oversee their online appointments.

Squarespace CEO Anthony Casalena noted that the company has been expanding beyond website construction already — he said he now wants to provide tools around online presence (i.e. construction a website), commerce and marketing.

To do that, Squarespace has been construction its own products, but in this case, Casalena said it made more sense to just bring Acuity on-board, particularly because there’s already an integration between Acuity’s scheduling program and Squarespace’s page-construction tools.

“What [CEO Gavin Zuchlinski] had built at Acuity is an impressive business,” he said. “It’s been growing beautiful organically up until this point, with 45 employees who really understand the space and a very customer-centric culture. They have an impressive product. That would just be faster for us [to acquire them], versus construction our own product.”

Acuity Scheduling logo

The plan is to build more integrations over moment, while also continuing to help Acuity as a standalone product. The entire Acuity group is joining Squarespace, with Zuchlinski become vice president of Acuity within the larger company.

Asked whether this means we can expect Squarespace to make more acquisitions in the future, Casalena said, “I think we just are able to look at things that are going to be a small more meaningful right now … Our size kind of opened our perspective to what’s feasible.”

This also comes as the email marketing product that Squarespace launched last year is coming out of beta with brand-new features like crusade scheduling and improved analytics.


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