Are women better gamers than men? This startup’s AI-driven research says yes

Last year the startup, which has developed an ai assistant to aid gamers play smarter and upgrade their skills, raised $1.9 million. Using appliance learning, it analyzes matches and makes personal recommendations, and allows gamers to be taught by a virtual assistant.

Because they have this virtual assistant they can now do some compelling research. For the first moment ever, we can actually peer over the shoulder of a gamer and find out what makes them good or not. The findings are compelling. surveyed nearly 5,000 gamers playing Dota 2 to understand which factors separate successful and less-successful gamers.

They found that although only 4 percent of respondents to the survey were women, it turned out that those women that responded had a 44 percent higher triumph rate on average than the men.

Does this suggest women are good gamers than men? This isn’t a scientific study, but it is a tantalizing concept…

The study also found that the higher your skills in foreign languages, the slower your skills upgrade. They also found that people without a university degree, people who don’t journey and people who play sports increase their game ratings faster. Similarly, having a job also slows growth. Well, duh.’s main competitors are Mobalytics, Dojo Madness and MoreMMR. But the main difference is that these competitors make analytics of raw statistics, and find the generalized weak spots in comparison with other players, giving general recommendations. analyzes the precise actions of each player, down to the movement of their mouse, to cater direct recommendations for the player. So it’s more like a virtual assistant than a training platform.

The startup is funded by Runa Capital, Ventech and Sistema_VC. Previously, the startup was backed by Gagarin Capital.


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