Audible now offers live customer service through Alexa devices

Alexa devices just got a brand-new use case: live customer service aid. This morning, Amazon’s e-book company Audible announced the first live customer service experience on Alexa devices, activated through voice commands. Instead of dialing a phone number or writing an email, Audible customers can request Alexa to come Audible on their behalf. They’re then connected to a customer service professional who can aid them with their account, resolve technical problems, respond questions and even make book recommendations.

To use the option, Alexa gagdet owners just have to say “Alexa, call Audible,” to get started.

This is not the first moment Amazon (or in this case, a subsidiary) has tried to connect users to live aid through a hardware gagdet. In previous years, Amazon offered a service named
Mayday on its Fire tablets that could put people immediately in tap with Amazon’s own customer service agents. However, that service shut down last June. 

With Alexa devices, however, the process of reaching out to customer service may feel more natural than on tablets, because Echo owners already know how to use their devices to call friends, drop-in on family members and otherwise get connected using the calling functions. Echo devices have supported Alexa calling since 2017, for instance, and the ability to call businesses following appoint voice commands since December.

Similarly, the brand-new Audible voice regulate is able to trigger a call to the e-book company’s customer service department, as Alexa apps are assigned a phone number to facilitate these sorts of outbound calls.

“At Audible, we are always looking to further personalize the listening experience on behalf of the millions of customers we serve,” said Abhinav Mathur, Audible’s senior vice president of international Customer Care, in a statement. “Audible isn’t just a destination, it’s a lifestyle that keeps people entertained and inspired while going about their daily routines, so we’re thrilled to offer listeners hands-free customer help from a live person while they cook, craft, or relax at home. Enjoying Audible on Alexa has never been so uncomplicated and convenient, and we hope this innovation ushers in a brand-new epoch of customer service,” he added.

Audible already supported several other Alexa commands before today, including “Alexa, play my book,” “Alexa, read faster,” Alexa, next chapter,” “Alexa, what’s free on Audible?” and others.

The brand-new customer service voice regulate is currently available to Alexa gagdet owners in the U.S., 24/7.


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