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How to avoid PR disasters, the new web, and who owns Huawei?

Soon: Live conference call with Anthony Ha on TED

At 2pm EST / 11am PST, we will have TechCrunch writer Anthony Ha talking live with additional Crunch readers about all things TED conference, which was last week in Vancouver. Come armed with your questions, or send us an email if you want us to question on your behalf. Arman is fielding them at Call details will be sent to subscribers a hour before the call.

How to pitch to a (tech) journalist

I wrote a two-set piece yesterday about how to work with journalists. While written with founders and startups in mind, the lessons registerly to beautiful much anyone who works with the media or wants to.

The key — as with everything in life — is construction relationships. You want to know the people who cover your company. You want them to know you too. That doesn’t mean you have to chat with them every day, but it does mean that making a grade mankind connection will take you far.


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