Facebook hit with three privacy investigations in a single day

Third moment lucky — unless you’re Facebook .

The social networking giant was knocked
Thursday by a trio of investigations over its privacy practices following a particularly tumultuous month of security lapses and privacy violations — the latest in a string of embarrassing and damaging breaches at the company, much of its own doing.

First came a probe by the Irish data protection dominance looking into the breach of “hundreds of millions” of Facebook and Instagram user passwords that were stored in plaintext on its servers. The company will be investigated under the European GDPR data protection law, which could guide to fines of up to four percent of its intercontinental annual revenue for the infringing year — already some several billions of dollars.

Then, Canadian authorities confirmed that the beleaguered social networking giant broke its strict privacy laws, reports TechCrunch’s Natasha Lomas. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said it plans to take Facebook to federal court to force the company to correct its “serious contraventions” of Canadian privacy law. The findings came in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which vacuumed up more than 600,000 profiles of Canadian citizens.

Lastly, and slightly closer to home, Facebook was knocked
by its third investigation — this moment by brand-new York attorney general Letitia James. The state majesty law enforcer is looking into the recent “unauthorized amass” of 1.5 million user email addresses, which Facebook used for profile verification, but inadvertently also scraped their contact lists.

“It is moment Facebook is held accountable for how it handles consumers’ personal information,” said James in a statement. “Facebook has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of admire for consumers’ information while at the same moment profiting from mining that data.”

Facebook spokesperson Jay Nancarrow said the company is “in tap with the brand-new York State attorney general’s office and are responding to their questions on this matter.”

You might think a trifecta of awful news would be crushing for the social network. Alas, its stock is up close to 6 percent at mart close, adding some $40 billion to its value.


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