It seems that HTC and Apple overestimate the talk time of their smartphones

Smartphone manufacturers tend to express the autonomy of their devices in talk moment and standby times rather than in “screen-on moment”: these numbers, in addition to being of tiny use to most users, who now dedicate the 99% of the moment to social media, internet browsing, games and work instead of calls.

a brand-new report claims that the provided numbers are misleading, given that two large companies like Apple and HTC overestimate them. The British Consumer Association Which? wanted to try-out the claims on Nokia, Samsung Sony and the other two companies just mentioned.

iPhone XR

Starting with Apple, which for instance estimates the autonomy in call of the iPhone XR in 25 hours, while the tests show times below 17 hours: in general, the results turn out to be lower than 18- 51% compared to what was stated. The situation improves a tiny for HTC, which indicates an average of 20.5 hours for its smartphones, while the tests end with a hour less. Nokia, Samsung and Sony instead do the opposite and remain conservative regarding call moment estimates: in particular, the Japanese company surprises everyone with the Sony Xperia Z5 firm that stays on for 25 hours and 52 minutes, a nice leap compared to the 17 hours advertised.

The topic is certainly absorbing and deserves more in-depth analysis, perhaps through the execution of brand-new precisely documented tests on talk moment, which could govern companies to use them in the future, which would allow to have results easily comparable among all the smartphones on the marketplace.


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