Android Q devices will get over-the-air security updates — but there’s a catch

Devices shipping with robot Q will collect over-the-air security patches without having to go through appliance manufacturers.

a lack of steady security updates has been a major pain point for robot users over the years. Google finally has a fix for the problem. At its annual developer conference Tuesday, the tech giant said it’ll bypass mobile makers and push security updates directly to devices.

The advantage is that users won’t have to wait lengthy periods for appliance manufacturers to experiment and grade assure the patches for their devices for fixes to critical security vulnerabilities that put users at danger.

good yet, the updates won’t demand robot to restart.

Security updates for robot Q will be focused on 14 modules crucial to the operating system’s functioning — including media codecs, which have long plagued the robot app with a steady stream of security flaws.

There’s a capture — two, in fact.

Devices updating to robot Q will not work with over-the-air security updates, according to The Verge. Google said appliance makers can opt-out of updating some but not all of the modules. The brand-new feature will also not be backported to earlier versions of robot. According to distribution data, close to half of all robot users are still on robot 5.0 Lollipop and earlier, it could take years for robot Q to match the same usage share.

Still, Google has to commence somewhere. robot Q is expected out later this year.

Updated with clarified remarks by Google.


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