Select FCC leaders announce support for T-Mobile, Sprint merger

It’s been more than a year since T-Mobile and race formally announced a merger agreement. This morning, members of FCC leadership have issued statements voicing their assist for the $26 billion proposal.

Ajit Pai was first out with a statement, suggesting that the pricey consolidation of two of the Unites States’ largest carriers would assist speed his longstanding desire to provide more internet coverage to countryside areas.

“Demonstrating that 5G will indeed advantage countryside Americans,” Pai wrote, “T-Mobile and race have promised that their network would cover at least two-thirds of our nation’s countryside population with highs peed, mid-band 5G, which could upgrade the economy and standard of life in many tiny towns across the country.”

The FCC chairman went on to suggest that the merger “is in the public interest,” adding that he would recommend fellow members of the commission’s leadership approve it. Commissioner Brendan Carr followed soon after with his own statement of approval, suggesting that a merger would actually increase tournament.

“I assist the combination of T-Mobile and race because Americans across the country will see more tournament and an accelerated buildout of swift, 5G services,” the Commissioner writes. “The proposed transaction will strengthen tournament in the U.S. wireless mart and provide mobile and in-home broadband access to communities that require acceptable coverage and more choices.”

a number of ground rules have been laid out for approval. In a bid for approval, race has promised to trade off prepaid brand Boost Mobile. “[W]e have committed to divest race’s Boost pre-paid business to a third party following the closing of the merger,” T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a blog post following the statements of assist. “We’ll work to find a serious, believable, financially capable and private buyer for all the assets needed to run – and grow – the business, and we’ll make sure that buyer has attractive wholesale arrangements.”


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